Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prompt: (sigh) Limp Bizkit

Less and less happy with the SWOTD. Might have to come up with a new way to get prompts. For now, here's my best shot.

Disaster Strikes at Leroy’s Road-Side Chicken Shack

Leroy took a bite. "Something’s not quite right about this batch."

"What do you mean? I tried one myself, and frowned. He was right; the flavor was fine, and the inside was moist and flaky, but the crust had absolutely no crunch. The biscuit barely held its shape, nearly collapsing under its own weight.

"This is bad."

"You’re telling me! This whole batch is a total waste. They’re completely limp! Nobody’ll want to sop up their gravy with these!"

"Not to mention, they have absolutely no musical talent."

"What the hell are you talking about, boy?"

"I’m, I’m not sure."

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