Sunday, May 11, 2008

Double Drabble Sunday! Prompt: Jump

An Opening at 6B

"You must be the new guy. Welcome to Gate 6B."

"Thanks, mister...?"

"Call me Freddy."

"Thanks, Freddy."

"6B handles inbound traffic. You sit at the console, and check the jump schedule. When a ship’s due, hit this button. Hit it again when they’re clear. A monkey could do it. Watch the schedule and don’t fall asleep, you’ll be fine."

"Why isn’t it automated?"

"The gate induces Haverford fluctuations, which’ll mess up even shielded electronics. Everything shuts down while it’s open.

"What happens if we miss one?"

"Just major loss of life, property damage in the billions. Don’t sweat it."



A crowd had gathered around, held at bay by the police. The girl had been on the fifteenth story window ledge for about an hour now. The crowd were ready for something to happen.

"You don’t have to do this," said the officer on the bullhorn. The girl ventured one foot over the void. Her sandal slipped off, and the crowd gasped as it tumbled end over end to the ground.

And she jumped, falling a bit before spreading her arms and soaring over the crowd. They cheered. She’d succeeded where so many had failed, and now we were saved.

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