Monday, May 26, 2008

Drabble: Number 32

Number 32

Hell No. 32: The Hell of Myriad Tiny Annoyances. This selection is espescially good for souls whose transgressions were individually minor but which, in aggregate, caused significant ill. Punishments include ripped hangnails, paper-cuts (vinegar massage available for an extra fee), toothache, canker sores, and numerous others, tailored to the distastes of the individual soul (full menu available by request). Overall intensity and number of afflictions increases continually, with carefully formulated semirandom intensity variation to insure that every affliction gets its share of attention. Though it might seem minor, this is considered a high-level torment, and is surprisingly effective.

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Mary Jane said...

Mmm. Vinegar-y paper cuts! Count me in! ^.~