Monday, May 5, 2008

No Prompt

Today's swotd is some bit of programming jargon, and thus greek to me, so today I'm running blind. It's my ballgame, so I get to change the rules whenever I want.


"I’m no Armstrong, but I’ll give this a shot...

"As I stare out on this truly unearthly landscape, I am filled with near-spiritual awe. Man has made the next step out into the universe.

"But sending explorers... it’s only a step. To make it a foothold, we need civillians – we need settlers! We put Mars within reach; now it’s up to you to follow!"

The ray-gun barrel pressing into my ribs is withdrawn. "Very good," says Mk’thk’ll.

"You won’t eat me?"

"Wouldn’t think of it. You just guaranteed several years’ food supply!

"Though I am a mite peckish..."

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