Monday, August 18, 2008


In the half year I've done these, I think I've gotten a handful of great stories, if also a lot of crap. That's sort of been the point of the whole thing -- just to get me writing.

While I do think I'll keep these coming at least a while, I also want to do more with some of my better stories, maybe get them to a wider audience

It'll take a bit to get it all set up, but what I'd like to do is this: I'd like to pick some of my best Drabbles and Droubbles, give them a little extra editing and polish, and then produce them as audio readings in a weekly podcast.

So why am I saying this, other than just to hear myself talk? Well, I do like hearing myself talk, but I also want your help. If you happen to particularly like any story I've done, and would like to hear it on the cast, go back and leave a comment on the post. I will very strongly consider nominated stories; unless it's one I really didn't like, a nomination will probably mean I'll do it eventually.

Let me know what you think of this idea!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! This is a great idea!

Mary Jane said...

Yay another podcast to be addicted to!

. . No really, that's a good thing.