Thursday, August 7, 2008

Droubble: Identity


One day, as the King walked his grounds, he stepped from the river after an invigorating swim to find thirty years of age wiped from him. This was, he thought, a miracle. But when he returned to the castle, the guards had many questions for the unclothed youth carrying the king’s garments (for he no longer fit in these relics of old age).

He tried to explain what had happened, but in vain. The regal mythos was too strong, and none could remember the lanky awkward youth he had been, and so could not accept his story.

So he asked for his highest advisors, and whispered of national secrets only he and they were privy to. He thought at first he had them convinced, but it was not enough. It did, however, get him noticed; he was thrown in the dungeon to await execution for eavesdropping on and possible involvement in the disappearance of the King, plus the theft of the royal garments.

After several days, the King was brought from the dungeon to face his fate. But lo! His tribulations had so aged him that he was recognized by all!

Bad day to be a guard or advisor, though.

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