Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prompt: Welcome

Welcome Wagon

"Listen, there’s anything we can do to make you feel welcome, let us know right quick."

"Thanks, it’s nice to meet you two."

"The pleasure was all ours."

The door closed. Mark put the pie on the table. "Didn’t know people like that still existed."

"They don’t, back in the city. Ooh, this’s delicious."

"Let me try – mmm, you’re right."

"I’m so happy, dar– ohh..."

"Honey, is something wrong? You– oh, god, my stomach...."

* * *

"Another accidental poisoning."

"But, the pie...?"

"You new, Deputy? Or you want them city types pushin’ us decent folk out of town? Put down ‘accidental poisoning.’"


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Good dialogue piece