Sunday, April 27, 2008

Double Drabble Sunday! Prompt: Fantastic


"Good rack?"

Joe whistled. "Fantastic rack. The rest wasn’t too shabby, either."

"But the rack’s what really matters."

"If you say so. But a great rack on a lousy body? Gotta have some meat on the bones ‘afore I’m interested."

"But a great body with a puny rack, what’s the point?" George spat on the ground.

"You can get a lot of use out of that body; the rack is just up there looking pretty."

"What’s the point without that rack up there looking pretty?"

"I guess deer’s a personal thing. Just remind me never to go huntin’ with you."

Alternate History

"Too fantastic. That’s not the kind of story our readers are looking for."

"What’s so fantastic about it? It just postulates a present world where a few historical events turned out differently. What’s so hard to believe there?"

"It’s just not plausible."

"It’s not so crazy to imagine. Just... different."

"Too different to believe. I mean, imagine Merlin didn’t develop the alchemical formulae. Someone would have. And if they hadn’t, do you really think society could have advanced? To take something as childish as clockwork toys and... electricity, and imagine a whole world run on such curiosities? It defies belief."

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