Sunday, February 17, 2008

Double Drabble Sunday! Prompt: Class

Class of 1

"Congratulations, class of 1 GE. You are the first class to graduate under the gentle protection of our glorious overlords. You are all very fortunate. Now let’s give a warm welcome to our beloved leader, Grodax!"

:::: greetings hivehuman young : collectiveyou have proven great capacity for learning : learningeducation bring honor to any sentient race : noble pursuit ::

:: however ::

:: hivehuman elements educated to high degree yields threat of outcome harmful to hivegrodax : cannot allow ::

:: however ::

:: hivehuman young may still serve hivegrodax with honor ::::

Grodax’s carapace split open, and thousands of surprisingly fast larvae poured out, neatly devouring everything warmblooded in the room.

Class Warfare

"Move out, men!" We press across the cratered field, making cover just before the next barrage.

"There’s too many of them," yells William. "We can’t run forever."

"You’d rather give up?"

A welfare mom speeds by in her Cadillac; a brownish child leans from the window and throws a grenade into our trench. William throws himself himself on it just as it blows...

Winnifred swabs sweat from William’s brow with an 800 thread count Egyptian cotton towel.

Refusing our last bottle of Perrier, he utters last words: "This never would have happened if we’d kept them from getting universal healthcare."

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