Friday, February 22, 2008

Prompt: Modern

Nostalgia 2.0

"Nostalgia’s nearly exhausted."

"Clearly. The trend’s been going since the late 1990s at least; the reference point of nostalgia has been rapidly approaching the present. The window is practically closed – anything that hasn’t been tapped for nostalgia is new enough to still be passe.

"So what’s cool?"


"No, people don’t have near enough self-esteem to value what they’re doing now."

"I’ve got it."


"Recursive nostalgia."

"Please explain."

"So Nostalgia 1.0 was, ‘Remember the ‘70s?’"


"Now we just have to say, ‘Remember when we remembered the ‘70s?’"

The room went silent.

"We’re gonna be fucking rich."

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