Sunday, February 3, 2008

Double Drabble Sunday! Prompt: Firefox


"You’re still running firefox?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Nothing, if you want to slab a big ‘INFECT THIS COMPUTER’ sticker on your box. Besides, do you really want to support Mozilla’s corporate empire?"

"It’s not that bad. And besides, what choice is there?"

"Have you checked out Abalone?"

"What’s Abalone?"

"Remember IE?"

"That browser everyone used to use, back in the ‘90s and ‘naughts?

"Some open source hippies working for Microsoft before it went belly-up picked up the source code cheap, and they’ve revamped it into Abalone. I can’t believe you haven’t heard of it, Dakota. Sometimes I wonder about you."


The mood was tense. The wind had shifted, the healthy sea breezes replaced by a hot, dry east wind from over the mountains.

"Grandmama, why is everyone afraid?"

"Gather ‘round, little ones, for it is crucial that you heed my words.

"When the hot east winds blow, you must stay inside. For east winds are the breath of the Fyr-fox, in whose jaws glint a million golden teeth, and in whose eyes glow thousands of devoured souls..."

They say Grandmother was mad, and it’s probably true. Still, do you see my children in the streets when the foxwind blows?

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