Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Prompt: Buddy

Buddy System

"Alright, everybody find a buddy," said Ms. King.

"Susie, will you be my buddy?"

"Why don’t you just be Katrina’s buddy?"

"I don’t wanna be her buddy. I’m always with her."

Katrina started to cry.

"What’s the problem, girls?" asked Ms. King.

"She said she doesn’t wanna be my buddy," sobbed Katrina.

"Umm...." Ms. King cleared her throat. "Why don’t you want to be Katrina’s buddy?"

"I’m always with her. I wanna be with Susie."

Ms. King sighed. "Don’t you think it would be, um, easier if you buddy with Katrina?"

"Fine," I grumped. I hate having a conjoined twin.

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