Sunday, March 2, 2008

Prompt: Silly

Don’t Be Silly

"Don’t be silly, I said.

"Silly? he said. You think I’m being silly? Listen, babe, this is about as serious as it gets.

"Wait, you actually mean it? I asked

"No, I’m just kidding around. Notice the terror sweat and frantically raised voice? This is how I look and sound when I’m kidding around.

"So, zombies.

"Just then the men in uniforms ran in and grabbed him, apopogizing for my trouble, as he hollered that we’d see, we’d all see."

"But, he was wrong, wasn’t he?"

"Well, of course he was."

"I love the story of how you met daddy."

Where the Sillies Live

Down under the piddywig bush, where the dimdum flowers sometimes like to grow, I came upon a Silly. It was a medium-sized specimen, with fully developed guwawas all along its runulum. As I approached, it grunulated softly and turned a soft shade of donisone.

I froze, and he stared at me, his yninos twitching rapidly. I stepped sideways very slowly, so slowly I was hardly moving. The Silly gelekked loudly, but it was too fast, my spear had pierced straight through his hafutic grent. It went still, oozing khee.

Fantastic, I thought. These guys bring a fortune on eBay.

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