Sunday, March 23, 2008

Double Drabble Sunday! Prompt: Fist


Fist-sized hail fell outside the window. Hmm. That never sounded right to me. People’s fists come in so many sizes; is this a big fist or little?

But it’s what we have to say. We live in different times now. And if our benevolent overlords say no public mention of sports, the weatherman sure as hell isn’t going to put his ass on the line.

Still, golfballs, baseballs, and the like were so precise and descriptive. And there was a lot less to watch on TV in bars.

Who’d have known that rule by nerds could be so oppressive?


"But we can’t beat them, right? We’re small, we’re weak, we’re nothing against the big bad status quo. Right?" A murmur played across the audience; they weren’t sure where he was going.

"Well, I say think again.

"Because one by one, we’re nothing. But all together we’re unstoppable.

"A single twig will break with two fingers. But a big enough bundle will yield to nothing.

"A single finger is weak, but together they make up the fist.

"So are we going to finger them, or are we going to fist them?"

The audience went silent, and then the giggles started.

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