Friday, October 17, 2008

Droubble: Genesis


The computer was, hypothetically, capable of anwering any question that could be asked. It made use of micro-time-travel: After carrying out a fraction of a second’s worth of computations, it sent the output back in time to overwrite the original input. This allowed functionally infinite computation time - and with that, what question couldn’t be answered?

Of course, the first question they posed would have to be a good one. After much deliberation, the following was chosen:

Does God exist?

So computer’s creators gathered in the gleaming room with a small handful of the world’s most notable figures in politics, religion, and philosophy, and posed the great question.

The computer worked tirelessly for a period of time orders of magnitute greater than the age of the universe. It deduced, a priori, every datum in the history and future of existence. And after all of this, it came to its conclusion.

Of course, from the point of view of the experiment’s observers, this took no time at all, not even enough time for the very important guests to hold their breath. Just as soon as the scientist finished entering the question, the answer flashed on the screen:

I do now...

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Kevin Anderson said...

Very Nice! Reminded me of my favorite XTC song - Dear God. "Did you make mankind after we made you?"