Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Droubble: Clarke's Axiom

Clarke’s Axiom

“Definite indigenous nanotech signatures covering the planet below.”

“Is it safe?”

“The probes indicate that they seem to leave living matter alone, and the place isn’t gooey. Seem to show direct brain-interface capability, though looking at the way most of these peasants are living, I’d say most of the populace have lost the knack.”

“Alright, prepare for landing, near the original colony core signature.”

What had once been the main colony, the initial landing of the enormous generation ship, was now covered in thick temperate forest. The shuttle burned a hundred-meter-wide swath of destruction through the forest, coming to a stop a few klicks away from the core’s residual radiation signature.

Once the scenery had cooled down, Del readied her crew and opened the airlock.

The first scout tried to walk out the door, and slammed straight into an apparent wall, though it looked like plain air.

“The hell?”

The scout righted himself. “Some kind of barrier. Maybe a locked utility fog?”

“Who on this near-medieval planet could use that kind of tech?”

There was a stirring at the far edge of the clearing. A man in a flowing robe and pointed hat strolled out.


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