Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Droubble: Pitch


“You’re asking yourself, ‘Why do I need fame insurance? I’m just an average Joe.’ Well, listen, Joe, it’s folks like you who need it the most! See, back in the past, most people who got famous, and I mean really top of the line famous, also made a lot of money. They could afford bodyguards, secret retreats, the occasional few grand to pay off a reporter with an unflattering story. But in today’s world, every day each and every one of us runs the risk of making it big, and it doesn’t always pay or itself. But let’s say tomorrow you post a funny blog entry, or maybe a homemade video, just for the amusement of yourself and a few close friends. One of your friends sends the link on to one of his friends, and before you know it you’re a phenomenon. Do you think you’ll keep your job for long with all of those fans mobbing you everywhere you go? Now you need a personal secretary to manage your appearances, and guards to hold off your crazier admirers.

“And that’s why you can’t afford not to buy a policy today. Because it could happen to anyone, any time.”

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