Saturday, November 29, 2008

Droubble: The Dying Game

The Dying Game

I can feel it working through my body, the wrenching pain as the poison’s effects cascade through the systems of my body. There’s an electric buzz as it starts to eat into my brain, a giddy lightness, and then I lose control and with a jolt the process halts, and I lay gasping as the nano in my blood neutralizes the toxins, repairs the tissue damage, even restores lost neural information to states backed up before I ingested the mushroom. But a little bit of the glow remains from that moment of near-annihilation.

I glance at the door in a moment of paranoia. It’s locked, like I knew it was. If Mom knew I was doing this I’d be in serious trouble. Not that there’s any real danger – there’s nothing I could throw at the nano that it couldn’t handle. I know a kid who drank half a quart of bleach, and was up and about half an hour later. But Mom comes from another time, back before universal augmentation. Her mindset is and will probably always be tied up in mortal thinking.

The air, the light, the room around me feels brighter than before. I feel completely alive.

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momfox said...

Ahem, speaking as a mom, I'm a little creeped out...